Victorian Ladies



The story behind this photos:

Once upon a time, in Victorian epoche, there were two best friends – two  young Ladies, two smart strong women. They rebelled against mysoginic patriarchic norms and refused to follow what was expected from a woman.  For such behaviour they were put to a mental asylum by their husbands and families. Nevertheless, after couple years the Ladies managed to escape. They ran into the woods where they broke their stiff Victorian corsets along with tight chaining frames society put on them. The Ladies prefered  dying in the woods, free over returning to the society. When Death came, She saw them holding their hands tight, their faces were tranquil. Being a woman herself, Death didn’t take their lives – the Ladies turned into two solemn beautiful ghosts, forest nymphs. The legend says, women are protected in those woods, no bad can happen to them as the Ladies are watching over. Though it is highly recommended to leave your super-duper push up bra aside as you enter the woods 😉 .

Models – Petra, Sveindis

Make up – Petra Orava (check her Instagram account for more works)

Style, photo by me

This photoset wouldn’t happen without Sveidis and Petra, thank you for embracing my ideas. It took hours of preparation, in the end you were almost naked in 12 degrees weather outside, barefeet amongst moscitos, nettle and staring people. Thank you for your help, patience, enthusiasm and fun time spent together. It is not our last collaboration for sure.

Check out Petra’s Instagram account and Sveindis’s blog . They post a lot of useful and inspiring content for pole dancers.

Petra and Sveindis are pole dancers who are really passionate about pole dancing, they are also best friends who found each other through their shared passion.  Communication witht hem helped me to gain a better understanding of pole dance culture and feminism, as those two are inextricably intertwined.







A cup of tea with Eloise

Ever wondered what happens if you stop by for a cup of tea at Eloise’s house?


Model – Eloise

MUAH & Concept & Photo by me (it sounds self-indulgentlishly peacocky, but I actually like working in a team of creative people who bounce ideas of each other, and feed from each other’s creativity, pushing the other one  – it’s just that i haven’t really met someone here who would really want to create stuff together 😦 yet – hope will find someone, or this someone finds me)


Dreamy Saya Part II

Have you seen Luc Besson’s “The Professional” (in French – Léon? Natalie Portman played Mathilda Lando.

Sooo… this is Mathilda Lando, a few years after  Léon’s death. Now she rents an appartment and wears men’s jacket and shirt.

…And yes, she is still in love with Léon.


Model: Saya

Style/ Photography/ MUAH: Me




Dear friends, I present you a bunch of interesting creatures whom I met in two cities of Kazakhstan and one city of Finland.

Presumably Mr. Chaplin was quite surprised to receive news that he died a while ago. I quote him, “Whaaaat? Noo way!” was his respond to me.












A unpresedent drama took place in an ophtalmological clinic in Kazakhstan. Local newspapers called this case “Third odd”. Huffington post reporters flew to the hospital to cover the news. “I always knew that three is a tricky number, but I couldn’t imagine that could happen to me one day,” says one of the chairs.









Solomon Salmon, a famous master-mind of burglary craft is on trial period. He was sentenced to  compulsory community service by the  jury court of Bikini Bottom. “This is a hard period for me, I feel like a fish out of water without burglary. Vincenzo betrayed me and now I’m here. I knew I couldn’t trust this bastard,” Mr. Salmon shares with Daily Mail. We believe you, Solomon Salmon.










Vincenzo Rosato di Fruitty, amongst criminals he is known as Curly Vince. Allegedly, he was Solomon Salmon’s sidekick and gave out location of Salmon to police, where the latter one was arrested. Police assumes Curly Vince was acting out of greed. The criminal is on the wanted list.










This is Lonely Lonny. His name is Lonny and he is lonely. Nothing interesting, just keep moving.












Dreamy lantern in a magical corner of my university campus. He dreams a lot, sees beauty and good everywhere and thus, SHINES in the darkest time.














Bulb and Foot are best friends, despite how different they are.